About Us


The University of Groningen (RUG) and the University Medical Center (UMCG) are a vibrant breeding ground for innovations and high tech solutions. To bring projects from research toward proof of concept, partners at Zernike Campus envisaged a laboratory place for new ventures. Initiated by Nobel laureate Prof. Ben Feringa, Innolab Chemistry was established in 2014.

The founders of Innolab Chemistry are:

Mission of Innolab Chemistry

Innolab Chemistry stimulates and supports entrepreneurship, and facilitates initiatives that originate from the University of Groningen. Besides of offering laboratory facilities, business support is offered in the fields of business development, business strategy, intellectual property and patenting, legal aspects, budgeting, finance and risk analysis.

Innolab Chemistry is a visible and inspiring incubator where ideas and intellectual property in of Life Sciences, Bio-Based Economy and Circulair Economy can be developed toward the next level.

Rent and selection

The minimal project duration is three months, with a maximum up to three years. Innolab Chemistry is hosting companies that bring synergy and cross-fertilization in Life Sciences, Materials, Bio-Based Economy and Circular Economy. New companies are granted laboratory space after careful review of the project plan. Important selection criteria are the research topic, quality, and ambition. Please contact us for more information.


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